Friday, 5 December 2008

"Little" scrapbook fan

I just wanted to share with you, a project I've been working on for a little scrapbooking fan of mine. My nephew Adam, told his mum, he loved my scrapbooking so much, that he would love for me to do some of his photo's (seeing as I've done so many of Amber). Of course I said, yes. But Adam doesn't know, so it's going to be a surprise for him!
Anyway, here are just three of the pages I've done in 8x8 size.

I found this clipboard from a discount store and thought it would be the perfect way to display the pages. So I've covered it in some DP, added some ribbon and a rub-on 'memories'. That way, it can be hung up on the wall and you can change the pictures around.

I can't wait to see his reaction when I give this to him! Should be very cute.

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aimee said...

good idea! where's mine? (just kidding) he will like it :)

HH said...

He will be stoked!


What a lovely idea doing this for him, he sure will love his Aunty Chan very much, much i think:)