Saturday, 22 March 2008

Lets go fishing!!

We had a night at my parents house, last night. This morning the boys wanted to go fishing in their dam. So they found some sticks and made some line from palm trees, then tied some bread on the end and off they went to have some fishing fun. It certainly attracted the tadpoles and the boys had a great little time.

Checking out the little fish.

Kyle posing with Nana's petunia's.

Liam's happy face.
Tyson's happy smile.
Kyle trying to concentrate on fishing.


aimee said...

hello ! cute little photos of the boys, they had lots of fun hey :) they told me "can you do a double knot??"sounding very concerned about the whole thing :)
see you this weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, cute photos! Looks like they were having fun being boys!
Looks like the party was a happy night aswell!
Take care, Renae x