Thursday, 31 January 2008

Bike riding to the Jetty

This morning, the boys and I went for a bike ride to the Busselton Jetty. Tyson & Liam got new bikes for their birthday, so since then I've been wanting to go along the beach path. It's a good 20minutes one way and they managed quite well with their little legs. Had a few stops along the way; the boys always get distracted by the scenery and want to have a look. It was a fun morning and we will have to do that again soon, especially with this gorgeous weather we've been having.

Enjoying the second last day of school holidays - 'sigh'


HH said...

That's quite a hike you did. Well done. It is beautiful scenery. Hayden didn't do too well up and down the little hills on the bike path. He hopped off his bike everytime and walked them. Too scary he

Anonymous said...

Nice photos! Love the one of the 3 of them with the jetty in the background. Happy riding! Renae

Anonymous said...

Good photos Chantelle.

love your last card .I didn't know which free set to order! will have to share these 2 . Do you mind me saving your card images? Eleanor