Wednesday, 12 September 2007

The smell of Spring

The roses in my garden have already started to bloom. I did prune them a little early this year, but I'm getting to enjoy Spring flowers now!!
Roses with rain drops, 'cause we are still getting lots of rain in between sunny weather. Good for the garden.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chantelle

Don't ya just love roses. Your photos are very nice. I have a couple of rose bushes but they arent doing too well. Not in a very good spot in the back yard. We are still getting lots of rain up here as well but we do need it.
love Joyce


Absolutely gorgeous Chantelle!
I must say i have just done my pruning and i have new shoots coming up from scrubs that have been suffocated by one another, so growth in this weather is awesome. The sunshine and the rain and a true blessing to our gardens!
Beaut photography too.

lisa Vdv said...

Love the last photo- could be made into a card! (:

HH said...

roses with rain drops always make a pretty picture, well done!

Mrs Adept said...

Oh what gorgeous roses~!! And the weather hasn't even really warmed up either. Wow.