Monday, 16 April 2007

Busselton Jetty

Late this afternoon, I took the boys down to the Jetty with their bikes for them to have a bit of fresh air (and for me to play with my camera). Was about 4.00pm and the sky was beautiful with some dark clouds in the background, though the camera does not pick this up too well. Anyway, had to take a picture of the iconic Busselton Jetty and the surroundings. Also got some really cute pictures of the boys posing together on the beach. They actually quite enjoyed it. Sometimes when they see the camera, they say 'not another photo mum'.

Well, I can't help taking photo's of my three beautiful boys. Precious memories and more photo's for my scrapbooks!!



thanks for sharing, they are beaut pics. What a way to relax, you have that all the time outside your door almost, must be fabulous. Well i will come enjoy Busselton in a few days time. We'll have to catch up!

renae said...

Hi, great pics! Love the ones of the boys sitting on the beach, will have to get a copy of that one! We can see by their faces and hearing from you that you are all loving life down there and we think thats great!! Enjoy and keep on snapping! Catcha's xo

Anonymous said...

Hi, take photos of fish!!!!