Thursday, 13 August 2015

fabric and rope bowl

 Hello ☺  I recently received a copy of the latest Tickle the Imagination magazine - such a delightful read.  Gorgeous projects and great inspiration for the crafty soul.
This edition had instructions of how to make fabric and rope bowls.  It looked like fun and something I could do with my limited sewing skills ☺

 I gathered strips of fabric from my stash and also found a rather large spool of cord thanks to my oldest lad - perfect for this project.

 The instructions are clear and include lots of pictures as you go along.  It's a fairly easy project - just a bit fiddly to start off with.  By the third one, it was a breeze!

 I went with smaller baskets - they all turned out different and it was fun to play around with the styles.
 So they will be perfect to store small scrapbook items.  They also look great on display.
 I can see myself making up a few more of these very soon.  And they don't take very long to sew up.
That was a fun project to share!
If you like some inspiration - check out the magazine!

Thanks for coming by ♥


Kellie said...

These are absolutely amazing, I love them!

Lizzyc said...

They look lovely! Really cute!

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